Sunday, November 7, 2010

You're My London Girl....

Ken Bruen is the unsung hero of Irish Noir.

Long since a raging success everywhere in the wide and wonderful world, Mr. Bruen has a string of awards and a long list of works to his name, dating back over a decade.

Some of his work is now finding its way onto celluloid for the first time - London Boulevard, with Colin Farrell, Hollywood's hottest Paddy, playing the lead, and Blitz, starring Jason Stratham, a real London hard man.

Can't wait to see them. They're being shot around now as far as I can tell from Ken Bruen's site and from the Crime Always Pays blog by Declan Burke.

If you can't wait for these to appear on screen (and you shouldn't - crime is best served in print) then buy the books!!!!

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