Friday, November 12, 2010

Keeping it real and tripping through memory lane

I've been watching old films again. In the last two days I've watched Double Indemnity and Sunset Boulevard - some old favourites that I've neglected for years.

They feel like old lovers. You remember their embrace, their specialities, their 'way' of being which you were so taken by, way back when. And it hits you hard, remembering that time, those places, those tastes, that music, those clothes, that lipstick, those shoes... you get my drift.

Sentimentality is for suckers. But golden memories that still make you smile - that's not sentimentality - that's just recognising a good thing that's gone.

These old films remind you where you are and where you've been, where you meant to go but perhaps got distracted, the colours you wanted to paint, the language you wished to write, the scenes in your head that have yet to be played out in print. Wonderful.

I'd like to suggest you buy something you like, something you remember - that dream you put on the shelf when you met her/him/it/them. Dust it off, take a taste and see if it doesn't make a difference - even if just fleetingly. It's almost enough. But I'll let you decide that.

Don't kill your dreams, my friend. For by killing your dreams you kill your true self. The mirror reflects the you you have chosen to be - not who you are or can be. Or perhaps should have been....

Watch a few old films, create some new memories to add to those old ones.

The rum was good tonight.

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