Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Henning Mankell and the Lovey Dovey from Belfast

I've been watching the latest installment of Ken Branagh's Wallander interpretation from the BBC.

I've read all of the Wallander books - even read one in Swedish... fewer words, but just as punchy......

These books are already dramatised on film in Sweden, in Swedish, with Swedish actor Rolf Lassgard playing Kurt Wallander. He's great in the role, and it is patently obvious that Branagh has taken a few cues from him in his depiction of the scruffy Ystad detective inspector.

I must say I like the Branagh job. He's suitably removed and over involved at the same time. What is remarkable in its oddity is the fact that it is shot in Sweden but everyone speaks the Queen's English. Odder still is that any written words (signs, notes from killers etc.) in the series are in Swedish....

Even so - if you haven't see the Wallander series yet, give it a blast. You'll be happy you did.

Better still, buy a few Mankell books and do it the proper way first... and you'll find the TV show is remarkably true to the books.

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