Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three Short Shots... for the price of one...

In order to provide a better bang for buck for the readers of my bestselling short story, Why I Kill (The Confession of a Serial Killer), I've added two more shots to the publication. The price, however, remains the same.

The main story is a first person confession of a killer, and it has done really well, being in the top 10 under the Forensic Psychology section of since it was published last year.

To this I've added Groucho Riley: (The Birth of a Serial Killer) and Mirror, Mirror (The Naked Truth of Being Alone).

When the cover resembles this one to the right, then you know you've got the bonus material included!

Why I Kill (The Confession of a Serial Killer)

If you like what you read, then take a gamble on my other recent publications: Candy Says Kill (A Shot of Modern Noir) and Killing a Friend.

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