Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bukowski's Beat - a rhythm I love

Any of you idiots got a corkscrew?
It's not every day you find a wee gem on the Net - though Dog knows there's plenty of them. But I came across Bukowski's Basement and I just had to share it with you.

My first foray into writing was called Tax Office. It never saw the light of day, thankfully, but it was written based on the premise that if Hank could scribble about the Post Office I could find some degree of justification to chronicle my wasted years as a Tax Collector. The difference between my book and Hank's was quite stark. His was great. Mine sucked supreme.

So I was delighted to be reminded of my old drinking buddy Hank...(never met the guy, unfortunately) at this great site that not only reminds one of the style and sentiment that Hank brought to the page, but has a lot of writers aiming to stagger in a similar direction.

There's Flash Fiction and Poems galore. Great stuff! Please click here and enjoy....
Bukowski's Basement

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