Saturday, May 21, 2011

Out of the Gutter Magazine

Here's another wee gem...

Out of the Gutter Magazine

Lots of good stuff and some quite enjoyable FREE Noir fiction.... Some short, some flash, some frenzied...

Behold some reviews from the site to make you salivate...

"Out of the Gutter is not just some punk zine ... This filth is well-executed, tightly edited and focused on story construction."
—The UT Daily Texan
"GUTTER is the bastard child of Blue Murder . . . it's profane, lewd, violent, and frequently funny. Despite its low-rent origins, it's also a nice looking package."
"Matthew Louis has thrown down the gauntlet, set a new standard for unflinching, deliciously dirty, exploitative tough-ass fiction."
—Victor Gischler, Edgar-nominated author of Gun MonkeysSuicide Squeeze andShotgun Opera
“While it’s great to see indie guys taking a chance on such a project, it’s even greater to see that project work. The boys residing in THE GUTTER are to be commended for pulling it off ... Buy one, read it in public, raise eyebrows and be proud.”
"[Out of the Gutteris] even a little harder than Stories are nicely separated into sections of 10-minute and 20-minute reads. I keep Issue One in the bathroom and Issue Two in the livingroom. Highly entertaining for those with a strong stomach. Very well written."
—Jason Thibault,founding editor ofOptimum Wound Comics

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