Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Unquiet by John Connolly

I began reading The Unquiet a few weeks back. Great book and in the tradition of 'Every Dead Thing', Connolly is taking us on a journey of shadows that move from oddly menacing to chilling, with the odd laugh in between.

Connolly's strong point is his ability to move the story along at a beautiful pace whilst building up the tension and bringing on those subterranean clouds of his.

Angel and Louis make another entertaining appearance in this Charlie Parker novel, complete with their continuous stream of one-liners. They must be the most interesting and off-beat characters to ever grace the pages of a mainstream crime novel of this caliber.

The plot centres on a woman who is being harassed by a known felon and his connection to her father, a missing child psychologist. Including child abuse, insane criminals, off-beat thugs and the social mores of New England society, The Unquiet connects the dots between the lower echelons and those that proclaim to be worthy of higher things.

Great book, as ever, from our man, John!

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