Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crime Sometimes Pays...

The Big O
The Big O
Anyone who is anyone that knows someone who would like to be such a fella might think that I'm one of those types that likes to blow his own horn (I can't quite reach it) - however I'm not. I've received some wonderful support from my mate Declan Burke, crime author extraordinaire in the last few years, and in my humble attempt to return this favour, please find 'The Big O' above for your personal enjoyment.
There are very few books I will shout out loud about and recommend to complete strangers, but this is one of them. There, I said it. Oh... and if you have the time, drop by Declan's Blog, too, Crime always Pays is the best spot on the Blogosphere for up to the minute news reviews and attitudes on Crime Fiction - both worldly and 'other worldly' or Irish, if you prefer....
Crime Always Pays

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