Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Shot of Modern Noir in the works...

I've been beavering away on a new noir novelette (a little alliteration is good for the soul) and I'm quite pleased with it. Should be finished in the next month or two... time permitting.

Here's the general gist of the story....

Working title 'The Club'

A wealthy couple join an exclusive club and are invited to participate in rather unusual activities at a party. Both man and wife and their teenage daughter are separated during these activities and they each go through a series of 'tests' that will define their position in the inner circle of members.
They discover, after the party, that their daughter has mysteriously disappeared. No one saw her leave the club grounds...
Finding little solace in the club's management or the local police department, the exasperated couple turn to hiring a private eye to find their daughter.... But can they reveal what went on at the party? And is that connected to their daughter's disappearance?

Coming soon!

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