Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Paul Auster book... what does this mean?

I just finished reading 'Invisible' by Paul Auster.

Excellent book. Full of life, lust, lies and love. And there's death (by knife) and murder... by well I'll not tell you... But overall, apart from being a stylistic tour de force, Invisible is also a crime novel at heart, just throbbing to break free from its literary chains.

Auster apparently cut his teeth on writing crime novels under a "nom de plume". I wish he'd take another serious look at the genre and give us a full-on crime novel. I can almost feel the invisible chains that he's using to stop himself releasing his noir side...

Come on Paul, get the knuckle dusters on and give us some more sex, greed, death and mayhem - crime style....

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